My Week in Review: Train. Wreck.

There are those times that I just feel like I'm in over my head.

I've been holding back an emotional breakdown since, like, Monday. It's been a rough week.

Here's an example. Probably the worst part of this week. By far.

Most of my classes are in week by week increments. They are easy enough. Every day I work on a certain amount of things and though I'm tied for time I normally get it all done without a problem.

My child development class, however, is in big units. Of course, I've been working on it incrementally to get it done by this past Wednesday, but on Monday I found out that I did everything wrong. For hours I worked, no, slaved over these crazy assignments and was able to turn them all in by Wednesday. On time.

Except that I didn't do anything else. Which meant that I was majorly behind in all of my classes. Not to mention, two major projects were also due this week which would have required a bit more time this week. And in a normal week I would have been even more busy but on time. This week that was all I worked on Thursday, Friday, and today.

And so the rest of my assignments?

Last night around midnight I decided to let them go for this week. Thankfully they're not course heavy, but I hate those 0's in my grade book. And I'll have to take a 0. There is no way I can make it up in the future. I don't have enough time for that.

In these moments, when I think that I couldn't possibly do it anymore, I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who reminds me that every challenge is for my good.

I think back to my time in Nauvoo. Some days I literally thought my face was going to fall off and my lungs were going to implode. Now I look back and think "I was so melodramatic". Someday I'll look back and think "wow, that was easy".

But for now I'll just plug on and enjoy the good times, forget the bad times, and move forward in faith.

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